Monday, May 10, 2010

#180 Sprot! Game Demo

Download Sprot! Game Demo Installer:

Sprot! is a 2D platformer puzzle-based game we made for our course project. You play Qwerty, a creation of Dr Applet, who runs around "recycling" resources to create sprot! items.

Start Menu

Introduction cutscenes: Dr Applet is the creator of Qwerty (you).

Dr Applet will provide basic tutorials for players to familiarize themselves with the controls

Sprot! items help Qwerty get past obstacles, such as this block of wood (created by "recycling" / "sprotting" 2 pieces of paper)

Players can check how many resource items they currently have in the Inventory Menu (press 'i')

Players can pick up recipes, which are instructions on creating new sprot items. Open the Recipe Menu (press 'o') and use the recipes to create sprot items, such as the Fan as pictured above.

Sprot items are created in puffs of smoke. Only one can exist on the screen at any time. Each has its own unique functions (Fan can blow blue enemies).

Interlinking of rooms feature.

Hidden passages lead to nice surprises...

... like new recipes!

Among the enemies in-game are orange bullet-shooting domo-kun creatures and superfasttotoros!

Play to find out more (keep in mind this is only a demo, so it is short). We hope you enjoy it, thanks for your support :)

- Credits for tiles textures goes to Cave Story.